Press release | Mammut’s Action on Climate Change 2021 and beyond

Sustainability has long been a fundamental pillar of the operations of the outdoor brand Mammut. Dedicated to advancing positive change across its sustainability measures and supply chain, Mammut is counting on meaningful and lasting collaborations within the company, across communities and around the world. Focusing on three key levels, Mammut encourages action together to protect the earth’s climate – on a personal, local, and global level.

Actions to fight climate change has influenced and inspired Mammut’s work for nearly two decades. Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Mammut, emphasizes: “A central value pillar at Mammut is growing stronger together. We believe in the power of teamwork and community, both on and off the mountains. We are working together toward a better, more sustainable future.” Huber further adds: “Through a deep reliance on each other and trust earned over time, we will continue to drive positive change across our community and the world on a personal, a local and a global level.”

Every person can contribute an essential part of shaping our future and solving the climate crisis. Mammut is navigating a path forward by taking actions for climate protection. Leading by example, CEO Oliver Pabst recently pledged to measure his personal carbon footprint as part of a campaign of the Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) initiative. The climate protection initiative unites over 1200 digital entrepreneurs from all over the world who have taken the “Green Pledge” to systemically transform into climate-conscious leaders. The campaign site gives an overview of Mammut’s climate actions. And because personal contribution is key to long-lasting and effective change, the landing page “Take Action in 5 minutes” offers climate action-tips for everyone.

Many communities worldwide are taking action and starting initiatives to fight climate change. Mammut encourages local change by supporting initiatives that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Climate Commitments of the Paris Agreement.

In order to achieve local change, Mammut partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW) in Switzerland, Japan and North America, to reach the outdoor community in a new way. Together Mammut and POW push climate policies like the Swiss Glacier Initiative as well as the new Swiss CO2 law with campaigns like #votenowridelater. In North America, Mammut is partnered with ClimateUnited. The overall goal is to learn and strengthen local outdoor communities in their activities for climate protection.

Alongside its industry partners, Mammut strives to reduce its carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050 latest. An ambitious yet crucial goal. This objective challenges Mammut and their global supply chain. Impactful change can be achieved on large levels, as long as every partner contributes its part. This is why Mammut launched the “Together for Glaciers” Movement. There are already striking projects in place, showing the outcome of goal-oriented and significant collaboration.

  • Close The Loop – Circular Economy Project: Ropes are Mammut’s most CO2-intensive product category with a large impact on the company’s carbon footprint in Scope 3. To extend the products lifespan, together with different partners, Mammut launched the “Close The Loop” project last year. Used ropes found their way back to Mammut: the ropes were recycled, the polyamide regained and the first circular Mammut-product – the Close The Loop T-Shirt – was created. What started as a pilot project will be rolled out on a global level over the next months.
  • Green Electricity for Logistics Center: In Germany, Mammut’s logistic center switched to renewable energy and reduces Mammut’s Scope 2 by 52% while saving 853t of CO2 equivalents. Other manufacturers, like Mammut’s rope factory Teufelsberger, also switched to green electricity and more will follow.
  • CO2-neutral Production of Fabrics: 82% of Mammut’s leather material and 52% of its organic cotton fabrics are produced CO2-neutral, in Europe and with highest ethical standards and the best chemical management. This number is increasing constantly.

Success in the fight against climate change requires the engagement of the entire industry, the communities and the consumers. That's why we want to constantly strive to advance measurable positive change that will last over time and to inspire others to do the same.


Press Release Earth Day 2021

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