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Climbing ropes have been the DNA of the traditional Swiss brand since 1862. More than 150 years later, climbing has become a popular sport and is constantly attracting new enthusiasts who do not yet have a clear understanding of the equipment and materials, who are very conscious of the environment and whose safety is a top priority for Mammut. This development will not stop even in the newly determined Olympic climbing year 2021. Reason enough to raise Mammut's climbing range to a new level with innovative technologies and new sustainable products in fresh looks.

Safe also works sustainably – new ropes for environmentally friendly rock climbing

As part of our WE CARE strategy, we strive to minimize the ecological footprint of our climbing products and their production processes in order to protect natural resources. For various reasons, the production of outdoor products inevitably leads to the accumulation of material leftovers, which are usually stored or thrown away - a problem that is widely spread in the industry. Mammut counteracts the waste of resources and uses these leftovers to produce high quality products.

For the first time, Mammut makes environmentally friendly rock climbing possible: for example with the 9.5 Crag We Care Classic rope. The new We Care products are the result of active waste reduction and give unused material a new purpose, whereby safety and sustainability are not contradictory. With this unique solution, we are able to reduce the ecological footprint in the production of climbing products while providing proven Mammut quality and safety.

9.5 Crag We Care Classic
The 9.5 Crag We Care Classic Rope is designed for sports and classic climbing. Mammut enables eco-friendly rock climbing by reducing the ecological footprint of rope production. The sheath of the single rope is made from residual yarn left over from changes between different colors. Previously disposed of, this yarn is a high-quality, brand-new raw material. Therefore, all 9.5 Crag We Care Classic single ropes fully comply with Mammut's high quality standards. They are perfect examples of responsible use of resources and are at the same time unique, as each rope has a unique pattern.

  • 100 % made of material leftovers from the production
  • visible center mark
  • PFC-free
  • Bluesign certificate

Price: £ 110 - 145

4 Slide Harness
The 4 Slide Harness is an allround climbing harness with very easy handling and therefore ideal ideal for both beginners and expert climbers. Thanks to its four Slide-Bloc buckles, it is easy to use and allow flexible adjustment to every body size and situation. The two buckles at the hips can be used to quickly adapt the climbing harness and center it on the user’s waist. The leg loops can be adjusted just as quickly to suit different body sizes or clothing. These features in combination with the gr eat padding make the 4 Slide very comfortable. In addition, a red material woven into the tie-in loop ensures extra safety. Should the fabric be damaged by wear and tear, the red colour shines through and alerts climbers to a potential risk.

  • Quick and easy adjustment on the hips and legs thanks to 4 Slide-Block buckles
  • 4 large pre-formed gear loops
  • Haul loop
  • Good padding for high comfort
  • Wear indicator: red indicator on the rope ring shines through in case of damaged fabric
  • Unisex design
  • Certification: CE EN 12277 Typ C, UIAA

Price: £ 55

9.8 Crag Classic Rope
The 9.8 Crag Classic Rope is a high quality Mammut single rope for for sports and traditional climbing. The classic rope for outdoor climbing has been further optimized and is for many - rightly so - the first choice out on the rock: The rope offers excellent handling, has the best combination of diameter and weight and convinces with a reliable durability. In the Duodess version, the braiding changes in the middle of the rope and, compared to colour markings, guarantees a durable and continuously visible centre mark and easy handling.

  • Durable and continuously visible centre mark
  • Ready to Climb - Packed to prevent tangling. No need to uncoil the rope before use.
  • PFC-free
  • Bluesign certificate

Price: £ 50 - 190


Workhorse Keylock 12 cm 6-Pack Quickdraws
The Workhorse Keylock Express Set is setting standards in handling and performance for sport climbers to a new level. The ergonomically shaped carabiner fits perfectly in the hand, its generous geometry, the ribbed grip zone on the straight gate and the improved key lock nose allows easier clipping and unclipping. The innovative profile construction makes it extremely robust and saves weight at the same time. The handling is also made even easier, with a robust sling protector on the lower carabiner so that it is always in the correct position. A bright orange indicator shows that the sling and protector are attached correctly to the carabiner. All this with only one goal: simple, intuitive handling, so that you can fully concentrate on climbing.

  • Easy clipping thanks to compact snap and key lock nose
  • Ergonomic design and large carabiner body for easy handling
  • Easy to grip Vari-Width sling
  • Easy route cancellation thanks to keylock nose
  • Excellent ratio of weight to breaking load
  • For intensive use thanks to polyester sling, reinforced zones in particularly stressed areas and sling protection
  • Robust sling protector ensures correct fixation of the sling

Price: £ 100

Classic HMS Screwgate Carabiner
The Classic HMS Screwgate is a versatile medium size carabiner in pear shape. It is suitable for constructing belay stations and for belaying using an HMS knot or belay device. The key lock nose ensur es easy clipping and unclipping without snagging. The carabiner is designed to allow the rope to run smoothly and reduce wear. The screw cap is easy to use even in dirt and ice. Last but not least, an orange marking provides additional safety. The orange marking warns during use if the karabiner is not screwed closed.

  • Allround-carabiner of medium size
  • Optimal shape for securing via HMS knot
  • Improved rope run and less material wear
  • Key lock nose ensures easy clipping and unclipping without snagging.
  • Orange marking warns if the karabiner is not screwed closed

Price: £ 13

Boulder Cube Chalk Bag
The Boulder Cube Chalk Bag is ideal for stationary use or on the move. Thanks to a stable, square base the Boulder Cube Chalk Bag always stays upright. This makes it extremely easy to add more chalk without any spillage. It can be carried quickly to the next boulder problem using the practical carrying strap. A very secure drawstring closure system with two loops ensures that the Chalk stays in the Cube even when on the move and that the Cube can still be opened and closed easily.

  • Large dust-protected zipper pocket for Smartphone with key holder
  • Large pocket for brushes and useful things
  • Wide, stable, square base keeps the Chalk Bag upright
  • Practical carrying strap for easy transport
  • Drawstring closure system with two loops for easy opening and closing
  • High quality fleece lining for less dust and an even distribution of chalk on the hand
  • Outer material and closure system made of recycled polyester
  • PFC-free

Price: £ 32

Sender Brush
The new ergonomic Sender Brush offers optimal care for the rock and hands. The brush reliably removes residual chalk and dirt, while the ergonomically angled handle makes it much easier to use. With the practical sandpaper on the back of the shaft, skin and nails can be kept in perfect condition so that even more time can be spent on the rock. This lightweight brush with a robust shaft is made from 100 % recycled plastic and therefore also protects the environment. The natural wild boar bristles are durable and especially soft to avoid damaging or polishing the rock. The bristles on the front are longer to extend the service life even more. It is suitable for bouldering but also for rope climbing.

  • Ergonomically angled handle for easy handling
  • Handle made from 100 % recycled plastic
  • Durable, soft natural brush made from wild boar bristles
  • Practical sandpaper on the back to care for skin and nails

Price: £ 7

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