Press release | Adam Ondra is the newest member of the climbing team led by Swiss mountain sports brand Mammut Sports Group AG (“Mammut”). With Ondra, Mammut is adding another top athlete to its climbing team – strengthening its position in the climbing industry.

Climbing is deeply anchored in the traditional Swiss company's DNA. In its 160-year history, Mammut has always stood for proven quality and continuous innovation in climbing. These attributes are a perfect match for the team's newcomer Adam Ondra. His ambition, passion, and achievements constantly propel the 28-year-old and the sport of climbing to the next level. At Mammut, the Czech Ondra joins an already strong climbing team. With Austrian Jakob Schubert, Brit Madeleine Cope, and Swiss Katherine Choong, Ondra completes the Mammut Climbing Team. Stephan Siegrist, Head of Athletes and Ambassadors at Mammut, is thrilled:

“With Adam, a personality joins the Mammut family who inspires both athletes and climbing enthusiasts around the world.”

The man with the records ​

From an early age, Adam Ondra was climbing grade 8 route difficulty and above (French scale) – climbing routes that many climbing enthusiasts can only dream of. In his teens, he was already among the world's top climbers. In recent decades, the five-time world climbing champion achieved many global successes and records. These include a vast number of lead and bouldering sport climbing competitions, the ascent of the "Dawn Wall" 9a (5.14d) on El Capitan in the USA, the world's most difficult multi-pitch route, and the first ascent of Silence 9c (5.15d) in Flatanger, Norway. A record that no other climber has achieved or broken to date. ​

For implementing future projects and achieving ambitious sporting goals, Adam Ondra sees Mammut as the ideal partner.

“I always seek perfection in climbing, just like Mammut seeks perfection in its products. Mammut provides gear that I can 100% rely on and we both share an untamed passion for climbing. With Mammut as an experienced partner, I am confident that I can push my potential even more.”

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The Mammut Climbing Team

KATHERINE CHOONG | Switzerland, Mammut Climbing Team Athlete since 2021

Katherine "Kathy" Choong, Mammut Climbing Athlete
Katherine "Kathy" Choong, Mammut Climbing Athlete

Katherine's heart belongs to rock sports. She got into climbing by chance at the age of eight. Today, the 30-year-old celebrates remarkable achievements. Among them, she climbed "6.4 seconds," one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in Switzerland and was the first Swiss woman to climb a 9a grade route difficulty (Jungfraumarathon).

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JAKOB SCHUBERT | Austria, Mammut Climbing Team Athlete since 2011

Jakob Schubert, Mammut Climbing Athlete
Jakob Schubert, Mammut Climbing Athlete

Jakob started climbing at the age of 12. He won the national championship in his age group just three years later. Since then, the four-time world climbing champion has recorded one success after another. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the 31-year-old won the first climbing Olympic bronze medal.

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MADELEINE COPE | England, Mammut Climbing Team Athlete since 2021

Madeleine "Maddy" Cope, Mammut Climbing Athlete
Madeleine "Maddy" Cope, Mammut Climbing Athlete

The 30-year-old Maddy has made a name for herself with difficult trad climbing routes. One example, she climbed the route Prinzip Hoffnung (8b/8b+). The Brit is equally at home on big walls as she is in higher altitude terrain.

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